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Specialists In Clearing Blocked Drains

A blocked drain can occur at any time and can be a major inconvenience that you will want quickly fixed.  We at Pathfinder are on call 24/7, ensuring our customers receive prompt action with minimum inconvenience.

We have the latest technology and equipment at our disposal to assist our team in unblocking drains.

Electric Eel Machine

Our Brisbane plumbers are extremely experienced in the use of the electric eel.  This entails feeding rotating metal cables with various interchangeable cutting heads or retrievers, down the blocked drain/storm pipe.  The rotating head eventually cuts through the obstruction, whether it be tree roots, grease etc to clear the drain.

Chemical Treatment

We use a variety of chemicals, dependent on the cause of the blockage ie root or grease build up etc  We always try to use environmentally friendly products dependent upon the extent of the blockage.

CCTV Camera

This enables us to precisely diagnose the extent of the damage or root penetration.  We can then accurately determine the next step to rectify the problem.  The customer is provided with the recorded footage on DVD of the inspection.

Pipe Locator

The use of this tool enables us to accurately locate the point of damage to the drain giving us both the distance and depth of the break or blockage.  By pinpointing the extent of the problem before excavation, we can minimise the disruption period and cost to the customer.

Blocked Drains Tips

  • If a drain is blocked due to tree root penetration, then it is highly likely that the problem will re-occur in the future.  Tree roots will always search for the nearest source of water, which makes underground drainage a perfect target.  We can treat the pipe anti inflammatories with a root inhibitor, which will not kill the tree but will destroy the penetrating roots and act as a barrier, delaying re-growth.  This will need to be re-applied on an annual basis to guard against future blockages, however, the best solution and to guarantee a root free drain, the pipe section will require excavating and replacement.  Most people are pleasantly surprised at the affordable cost of replacing a section of the drain rather continually clearing blocked pipe work.
  • Try not to plant trees above drainage or close to your property, that have the potential to grow large or trees that are known for having extensive root systems.
  • It is important that external grates or overflows are not be covered or blocked.  If a blockage occurs, your ORG (overflow relief gulley) in a correctly laid drainage system, will overflow with sewage into the garden/patio.  This is the lowest part of your drainage system and will always overflow first, but if covered or blocked then sewage will backfill up the line into your property!
  • Do not pour cooking fat down the sink or toilet
  • Put food waste and coffee grindings into the bin.
  • Do NOT flush fibrous materials down the toilet including sanitary towels, dental floss, Q tips, nappies etc plus any solvents, paints, petrol, building materials, tile grout etc.
  • Know where your IO (Inspection Openings) are on your underground drainage system.  These are white plastic or brass screwed covers either at ground level or just above.  Some homeowners do let grass/soil grow over these cover plates which can delay proceedings, on the rare occasion where we find no other alternative route of entry.


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