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Burst Pipe

Burst water pipes are one of the most common forms of plumbing emergencies.  Often it can happen within the home causing substantial damage and extreme heartache for the occupier.

At Pathfinder Plumbing we’re on call 24/7 to fix any burst or leaking pipe, should the worst happen.  We’ll diagnose the problem and either repair or replace the damaged plumbing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why has the pipe burst?

Pipes can burst for a variety of reasons such as corroded pipe work, frozen, nail or screw penetration, a leaky or blown joint, water pressure spikes etc.

My water bill has increased alarmingly.  Could I have a leak?

Water bills have increased considerably in recent times, however, write down your water meter reading before you go to bed and after any more water use.  Then take another reading first thing the following morning, again prior to any water use (flushing of toilets etc).  If the reading has increased then, your system is leaking within your property boundary (downstream of the meter being the home owners’ responsibility).

How can Pathfinder fix the burst pipe?

Pathfinder can locate the position of a water leak even if it is not apparent.  We have leak locating equipment that determine whether the pipe needs to be repaired or replaced.

Burst Pipe Tips

  • If you suddenly notice damp patches in your garden or small areas much greener than the surrounding area, this could be an underground leak.
  • Some areas of Brisbane are more prone to leaks than others due to soil movement and/or pressure spikes.  In areas prone to pressure spikes, we strongly recommend the installation of a Pressure Reducing Valve to alleviate the unnecessary strain placed upon your plumbing system.  Remember, most pressure spikes occur when there is low demand on the water main (overnight and approx 10am till 3pm daytime).  If a pipe burst during these hours, most people are either asleep or at work, possibly resulting in increased damage before the water is noticed and isolated.
  • Know the location of your water meter (ground level black plastic lid or wrought iron lid).  This is usually placed immediately outside your front boundary and this is where the water isolation is found.  Turn it clockwise to see if you can shut it off (some valves are ¼ turn type).  If you cannot shut it off now, think what chance you’ll have if you ever need to close it off during a night time emergency?  If you cannot close it off, contact your water supplier and let them know.  They have a duty of care, to ensure that the meter and isolation are in good working order.
  • Consider having appliance isolation valves fitted.  At Pathfinder we offer to install isolation valves on each appliance fitted e.g. vanity basin tap set.  These are extremely cheap to install and they easily shut off the water supply to the leak without the need to venture outside.


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