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Heat Pumps


Heat Pumps are one of the most energy efficient ways of heating your hot water.

The basic process involves outside air being extracted into the heat pump via a fan and then into an evaporator containing a refrigerant being stored in the piping. The refrigerants used in the Heat Pumps we supply and install all have an environmentally friendly type which are not, therefore, classed as CFC’s.

The refrigerant has an extremely low boiling point (approx. -26C). The air drawn into the heat pump, transforms the refrigerant from liquid to gas inside the pumps heating system.

A compressor then pumps the gas through a narrow valve and is compressed, which creates a large amount of heat. A heat exchanger then transfers this heat from the gas pipes to the tank of stored water. This process ic continually repeated until the tank reaches the desired temperature.

The basic heat pump principle is a very simple process powered using a fraction of the electricity that an electric storage system uses. On average heat pumps are approximately three times more efficient than electric hot water systems, or put more simply, use approximately one third of electricity to heat the same quantity of water.

We at Pathfinder Plumbing supply and install all the leading brands of Heat Pumps, depending on you specific needs. These include: Dux, Hydrotherm, Quantum, Rheem, Sanden, Stiebel Eltron etc.

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