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Hot Water Systems

When choosing new hot water system, the choices available can be somewhat overwhelming.  To simplify the process there are a few questions to answer.  These are:

  • How many people live at your property?
  • What are the ages of your children?
  • How many bathrooms do you have?
  • How many bedrooms do you have?
  • Is your house connected to metered natural gas?
  • Do you wash your clothes in hot, cold or warm water?
  • Is your dishwasher connected to hot water?
  • Do you have a spa bath?

The type of hot water system that is best suited to your individual requirements is entirely dependant on the answers to the questions above.

Generally, the hot water systems available in Australia are:

  • Gas hot water systems
  • Electric hot water systems
  • Instantaneous hot water systems
  • Solar hot water systems
  • Heat pump hot water systems

Gas hot water systems

At Pathfinder Plumbing & Gas we supply gas hot water systems from all the leading manufacturers in Australia including Aquamax, Bosch, Dux, Rheem Rinnai etc.

Each gas heating model has an energy rating label, defined in energy stars,  the more stars, the higher the energy efficiency of the appliance.

The main advantages of a gas hot water system are:

  • Far more energy efficient than the same capacity electric hot water system.
  • A reduction in monthly energy bills
  • Gas storage systems have very quick heat recovery times, therefore, tank size can be smaller than larger electric hot water systems.
  • Gas storage systems have hot water available 24/7.

The main disadvantages of a gas hot water are:

  • Installation costs can be more than electric hot water systems.
  • Not all properties have natural gas supply.
  • LP gas is more expensive to run than Natural Gas.
  • Existing gas piping may need to be increased in pipe size for instantaneous hot water systems.

Service and repair of gas hot water systems

We at Pathfinder Plumbing and Gas, have many years experience of both servicing and repairing gas hot water systems.  Our trucks are well stocked with parts, ensuring that most repairs are carried out on the first visit.

Electric Hot Water Systems

At Pathfinder Plumbing and Gas we supply and install a vast range of electric hot water systems from all the leading manufacturers.  These include Aquamax, Bosch, Dux, Saxon, Stiebel Eltron, Rheem, Rinnai etc.

However, in Queensland, as of 1st January 2010 any electric hot water system needing replacement can only be replaced with another electric hot water system providing

  • The property is not fed by the gas network.
  • The system is under warranty.
  • The system is being replaced due to natural disaster e.g. flood, cyclone, bush fire.

We can find out this information for you, free of charge, by contacting the gas network operator.

Today, using an electric storage hot water system is the most expensive way of heating water. It is therefore essential that if an electric hot water system is the only option available at your home, then choose the most energy efficient model.

At Pathfinder Plumbing & Gas, we will advise you on the right choice to suit your particular needs and budget.

Service and repair

Should your existing electric hot water system breakdown, give us a call for a quick diagnosis and repair.  Your hot water system might just require a replacement thermostat or heating element, which all our vehicles carry on board.

To preserve the life of your electric hot water tank, manufacturers recommend the replacement of the sacrificial anode at least every 3 -5 years.  The anode is an insert in your levitra online tank which inhibits any corrosion of the tank cylinder walls.  However, after 3-5years the anode is usually fully corroded away and further corrosion that takes place will attack the tank walls, eventually splitting the tank, which will require immediate replacement.  By replacing the anode, a householder can prolong the life of the tank over 10 years.

Instantaneous Hot Water Systems

These types of gas hot water systems are very popular; however, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages:


  • You only pay for the water that you need, as the water is instantly heated when a hot tap is turned on and gas stops when the hot tap is turned off.
  • You do not run out of hot water.
  • No storage tank required, therefore take up less room.
  • Can be installed internally and externally, but much more expensive internally as gas flue system is required.
  • Can be run on Natural and LP Gas.


  • Generally more expensive to install than gas storage.
  • Very often existing gas pipe systems will require up-rating due to the large initial pull of gas the unit needs.
  • Hot water pressure drops as other taps/appliances are used at the same time.
  • Require electrical socket adjacent to unit.
  • Reduced overall lifespan compared to gas storage due to electrical componentry contained within unit such as printed circuit board.

Service and repair

At Pathfinder Plumbing & Gas we have many years experience in the servicing and repair of instantaneous hot water systems.

Solar Hot Water

In Queensland, solar hot water is becoming increasingly common due to the approximate 300 days of sunshine per annum.

On average 30% of households energy bill spent on heating hot water, many people are turning to solar to heat their water.

If you are new to solar, then it can be quite confusing to be confronted with the vast array of solar options now available.

At Pathfinder Plumbing & Gas, we only specialise in solar powered hot water NOT solar power, as we feel it is impossible to cover both aspects successfully.

We cover solar hot water on this website but briefly for hot water solar can be categorised under the following:

  • Close coupled (tank on roof attached to panels)
  • Split (panel on roof, tank mounted at ground level)
  • Flat panel (photovoltaic)
  • Evacuated tube (individual tubes – most energy efficient)

At Pathfinder Plumbing & Gas, we only use the most reliable manufacturers as we feel some systems are of inferior quality.

We will guide you at every step including which system is right for your individual needs and what Government incentives/rebates you are entitled to and how you will achieve this.

Heat pumps

At Pathfinder Plumbing & Gas, we believe that a heat pump is one of the most energy efficient methods available to heat your water.

We install, service and repair heat pumps on a daily basis and we are extremely experienced in advising you of whether  a heat pump is the right choice for your individual needs and if so, which heat pump.

Heat pump technology has been around for over 30 years, but now has become widely used due to escalating fuel prices.

Expect to reduce your monthly electrical hot water bill by two thirds when changing from an electrical storage hot water system to a heat pump.

We will advise you on the energy efficiency of each manufacturer, price noise levels, size of units and heat recovery periods.


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