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Solar Hot Water Systems

Currently over 45% of Australian households generate their hot water using electric hot water systems.  These systems produce around 4 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year, the equivalent of running an average sized car for a year.  This high level of emissions is due to the burning of coal to generate electricity.  Low emission technologies, such as solar, heat pump and high efficiency gas, are 2.5 to 3 times more efficient than conventional electric storage heaters.

The initial cost of a solar water heater (including installation) is much higher than electric or gas water heaters, however, energy bill savings over time will compensate for this cost.

The vast majority of solar hot water systems use the basic principles of the sun heating the solar panels.  Water is heated as it passes from the panels to the insulated storage tank and back again forming a basic heating circuit.

In some systems, the water flows unassisted between the panels and the tank, in other systems the water is pumped between the panels and the tank.

Most tanks are usually assisted by an electric or gas booster that helps heat the water to the desired temperature during times of prolonged cloud cover or no sun.

We at Pathfinder believe the design stage to be crucial when selecting the type of system to suit your property.

The orientation and structural integrity of the roof, shading, roof height, roof inclination (slope angle), location of property, size of property, hot water usage, location of bathrooms, type of panels, number of panels, system type.  These are all critical points that have to be considered when designing the right system for our customers.

Brisbane City Council and surrounding local area governments are inspecting 100% of solar hot water installs.  Our qualified staff at Pathfinder, notifies the council and make certain our system secures BCC approval.

We supply and fit the solar system, ensuring our installation complies with all manufacturers fitting procedures and Australian Standards.  Upon completion our handover policy, dictates that our customer understands the system operation and any doubts or questions are fully answered.

We supply and install all the leading manufacturers of Solar Hot Water including: Apricus, Aquamax, Bosch, Dux, Rheem, Rinnai, Vulcan etc. Call Pathfinder now for a quote, survey or just answers to any queries you may have.  Call us now for a free site survey.


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