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Thermostatic Mixing Valves

Over 300 children, aged and disabled people are treated in hospital every year in Australia, suffering from burns from hot water.

Most people are completely unaware of the risks of scalding, from untreated hot water coming straight from the hot water system.

Children have thinner skin than adults, therefore, their exposure time to hot water is greatly reduced before suffering serious burns.

Older or disabled people can have much slower reaction times and can be subjected to scalding water for a longer period, also resulting in serious injury or possible death.

Most hot water systems heat water to a temperature of 70C.

A child or elderly person exposure times are as follows:

HW Temp. Exposure Time To Sustain 3rd Degree Burns

  • 70C less than 1 second
  • 64C less than 1 second
  • 60C 1 second
  • 55C 10 seconds
  • 52C 1 minute
  • 50C 10 minutes
  • 37C Safe Temperature for bathing children

AS 3500.4:2003 – Part 4 Heated phentermine-med.com Water Services

All new heated water installations shall, at the outlet of all sanitary fixtures used primarily for personal hygiene purposes, deliver heated water not exceeding:-

  1. 45C for early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools and nursing homes or similar facilities for young, aged, sick or people with disabilities; and
  2. 50C all other buildings

All our Thermostatic Mixing Valves will automatically shut off in less than 1 second after any great variance in temperature increase, thereby, protecting the user against scalding injuries and provide superior temperature stability for warm water delivery.

However, to ensure optimum performance and reliability all Manufacturers recommend regular testing and maintenance.

We at Pathfinder, carry out regular testing on behalf of our clients and guarantee all records are both filed and maintained. We also issue a commissioning/maintenance report to our clients for their records.

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